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Punch Guides For Making Coin Rings - 2 Pack

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This guide was designed and 3d printed by me. I designed this for personal use to make coin rings. I want to share it with you!

In fact this is the very guide design that took my coin rings from 2’s to 10’s. Getting a perfectly centered punch in your coin is the first and most important step when making a coin ring.

*Warning* This guide is not for those who have a hard time understanding how tools work. I have created a tutorial on how to use it and how it works. As per some of this item’s reviews if you are scared of good tools this is not for you.

This is guide is meant to be used with a punch and die kit. I use one from Harbor Freight. 

The smaller guide is designed to fit a quarter and a 1/2 inch punch.

The larger guide is designed to fit a half dollar and a 5/8 inch punch.

*Note - Coins not included.

This listing includes 2 guides.

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