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Tomlov makes the perfect microscope for searching coins for errors. Honestly, they are pretty cool to use when taking a closer look at almost anything. Use the coupons below to get the best price Iโ€™ve found for them.

10.1 Inch Screen Model DM202: $20 off code – CoinRingMaker

7 Inch Screen Model DM201SE: $10 off code – CoinRingMaker1

Quarter Punch Guides For Making Coin Rings - 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch punch guides - 2 Pack

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This guide was designed and 3d printed by me. I designed this for personal use to make coin rings. I want to share it with you!

This is guide is meant to be used with a punch and die kit. I use one from Harbor Freight. 

The smaller guide is designed to fit a quarter and a 1/2 inch punch.

The larger guide is designed to fit a quarter and a 3/4 inch punch.

*Note - Coins not included.

Comes with 2 guides

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