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Hello World! I am Coin Ring Maker, Nice To Meet You.

A bit about how this all started. About 3 weeks again while surfing YouTube I fell down the rabbit hole of coin ring making. If you have never heard of it, I was right there with you. Coin Ring Making is the process of making jewelry out of coins. After watching a few videos I knew I wanted to give it a try.

I started looking into the most basic tools you need to make coin rings. After 3 days of deep video research I had a list of things I might need. I then made a trip to the closest Harbor Freight store and got myself the following.

  • 1 ton arbor press
  • curbing block and dies
  • punch and die kit
  • nylon hammer

This was a good start. I still needed a way to get a hole into the coins and a way to stretch and fold the coin rings. I looked everywhere for a ring mandrel. After coming up short looking through many stores I found one. It was a blue 6 and a half inch long ring mandrel from hobby lobby. I had not seen anyone use such a short mandrel but it was all I could find so I went for it.

At this point I had the barest of essential tools. Since then I have added a few more that have made coin ring making much easier. I will be writing and making videos about these tools soon. This article is to give you an idea of why I started this website and YouTube channel.

Once I made my first coin ring my brain lit up. It was far from perfect but I had proved to myself that this is something I could do. I started trying to figure out how to make the process easier and more streamline. When I finished this I really wanted to share what I had discovered.

This lead to me created a 27 minute video showing how I make coin rings, step by step. I created a YouTube channel and uploaded the video. I loved it! So I made a few more videos. Then a few more. As of writing this post I have published 11 videos on my Coin Ring Maker YouTube channel.

I could feel that this brand that kind of sprung out of no where need a real home. So today I sat down for about an hour and set up this blog website. Coin Ring Maker now has a home! Coinringmaker.com

It has been a super fun journey getting this far and being able to share it with the world. I can not even image where this will lead but I think it will be awesome.

Check you my YouTube Channel!


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