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How I Got $90 Worth Of 3×3 Custom Stickers for $20

I want to share with you this awesome branding opportunity. I was shopping for custom shipping supplies when I stumbled upon this awesome deal.

Step #1

First things first you will need to get $10 store credit. You can do this by using the invite link below.

Step #2

After signing up and getting your $10 in store credit you will need to open the menu on Sticker Mule. Go down until you see the option “Deals”. Select it!

Step #3

You should find a deal for 50 holographic stickers for $19. It’s a pretty good deal but it can be better, here is how. If you change the stick amount from 50 to 70. This will allow your store credit to be used. The price will change to $20. BOOM! You just got 20 more 3×3 custom holographic stickers for $1!

Just like that you’ve got 70 awesome custom holographic 3×3 stickers for $20 and the shipping is free!

Step #4

Now that this worked and you got something awesome go back to my Tiktok and let people now it really works!

Step #5

Since you are here you might as well get a $10 coupon off my coin rings. I sell my handmade rings using a app called Mercari. If you sign up through the link below you’ll get a $10 coupon off your first purchase! Go for.

You can also earn $20 in shopping credit after your first $100 in sales. If your looking for a place to sell Mercari is my number one suggestion!

Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here’s my invitation link :

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