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Trying Out Selling Coin Rings On Esty Instead Of Mercari

As I practice and perfect my craft of coin ring making, I accumulate a coin ring or two. I have been selling my coin rings using the Mercari app. I wanted to take my online coin ring shop to the next level. I also want people to be able to select opinions like type of coin, coin state and ring size. So I am trying out Esty.

I already had a store set up for my 3d prints, so I’ll be using that store to test with. To get started I want to point out there is a $0.20 listing fee for each product you list on Esty. Because of this I only created one listing and add many options.

The listing is for State Quarter Coin Rings. The options I added are State and ring size. I then added a brief description and some photos of coin rings I have made already. All in all I think the listing looks professional and clean.

You can see my listing here –

Using Mercari has been good so far but the 10% selling fee and having to list each ring individually are a bit of a strain. I have been using Mercari for years to sell used video games, Magic The Gathering Cards, 3d printed items and other stuff I didn’t need anymore.

It’s a great little app to make some money buy selling stuff but it isn’t exactly a professional store front. It is also kind of weird to send people there who are not users already.

I pretty cool way Mercari does get new users is their incredible referral program. New users who sign up using another users referral link get a $10 coupon off their first purchase. The user that referred them earns $10 in shipping credit after the person they referred makes their first purchase. A pretty awesome deal for both parties.

Over the years of using Mercari they have increased this referral bonus a few times. (It started at $2 credit) I personally have earned over $300 referring people to Mercari.

Right now the have an additional referral program directed at sellers. This program end 9/30/2020. When the new user makes their first $100 selling on Mercari they get $20 in shopping credit AND the person that referred them gets $40 shopping credit!

If signing up for Mercari sounds good use my link below to get these sign up bonuses.

Sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here’s my invitation link :

If you would like to check out my coin ring shop on Mercari you can find it here. –

I’ll see how the Esty page goes over the next few months then decided which one to go with. For now I’ll keep both up.

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